Blythe Pepino - Professional singer (U.K.)

"Priskes incredibly refined ear, depth of experience, and fine tuned ability to read and guide her students dispelled the myths and blocks that had come between me and my voice. Priske instilled a sense of joyful exploration that gave me a deeper connection to my body, mind and sound. I have recommended her teaching to countless people and it is never a surprise when they return with significant and almost magical shifts and changes - vocally and beyond."

Nango Murray - Yoga teacher (Costa Rica)

I can’t even begin to describe what the session did for me! It was therapeutic at its most profound way! Just one single session allowed me to discover and acknowledge a deep sadness within me from a current difficult situation and helped me release so much tension through the voice and her leadership, until absolute clarity and understanding settled in. Leaving her class feeling light and happy and on a new path did wonders for me. So, so grateful to Priske for her unbelievable talent in healing through this experience!

Nango Murray
Sabine Ameloot

Sabine Ameloot - student (Belgium)

"Every lessons is always an experience in and of itself. This is only possible because Priske provides you with a safe haven, supports you, acknowledges you, gently challenges you, and intuitively senses your needs. The clarity of intuition combined with so much knowledge and psychological insight makes it truly unique!"

Sieglinde Berbiers - Student (Belgium)

"Priske taught me that the exploration of the psyche can go hand in hand with developing richness of sound. She showed me passages into brightly lit attics with tinkling frequencies. And she led me to dark cellars where a grainy timbre sets the foundation. Each time, I am curious which sound I will encounter. It is a privilege to discover this with Priske."

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