About Priske Dehandschutter

As a professional voice teacher, Priske has been researching several singing methods. Exploring the Lichtenberg method over the last 20 years has brought her further knowledge regarding sound development and acoustic perception. Priske graduated as a licensed pedagogue from the Lichtenberger Institute fur Angewandte Stimmphysiologie in Germany.

She has also taken voice lessons with Jennifer Dakin (Royal Academy London) and the renowned professor W. Stephen Smith (Chicago Northwestern University) to explore his vocal technique “the naked voice,” a holistic method. Beyond her musical training, Priske’s studies in identity-oriented psychotrauma therapy with Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert in Munich and Oslo have given her invaluable insights into the connections between trauma, the body, and the voice. Drawing on this knowledge, as well as her training in traditional Chinese medicine and classical Taoist writings, Priske brings a unique perspective to her voice therapy sessions.

Priske’s approach is highly personalized, tailored to the individual needs and goals of each student. Through her guidance, students develop a deep understanding of their bodies, minds, and voices. She taught sound development at LUCA school of Arts (Leuven) and has a private practice in Amsterdam, London, Antwerp and Gent

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